Published Titles

Sara’s Story by Sara Willis of Barnet, VT with medical epilogue by Dr. Wayne P. London

Review by Judith Joyce

Sara’s Story follows the compelling life journey of Sara Willis. Psychically aware from early childhood and physically strong and talented, as she grew into a teenager, her life changed dramatically at age 18 when the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis validated Sara’s sense that something had begun a slow, persistent attempt to ravage her body during the previous 18 months.

Sara’s ever stronger spirit seldom wavered over the next 30 years as traditional medical protocols made little progress to tame the effects of her M.S. Ultimately,a serendipitous meeting with Dr. Wayne London, an independent medical researcher, brought new insights and a process of inner work offering dramatic improvement.


Price $9.95, 89 pages

Gresham’s Law by R.L. Berenbaum of St. Johnsbury, VT

Review by Reeve Lindbergh

Gresham’s Law brings us a breath of fresh air, and a crisp, original perspective from the hills of Vermont.  In this intelligent, ironic, and thoughtfully crafted novel, Berenbaum offers a host of lively characters whose opinions are as stimulating as the northern climate, and then deftly weaves a delightfully unexpected love story through it all.  I had a wonderful time reading this book.


Price $15.95, 367 pages