Author Events

Vermont author’s unusual performance at St J’s Boxcar & Caboose.

         The book-title Harmony Junction immediately suggests both music and railroading.  It’s no surprise then that author Goddard Graves will be singing and reading from his book of that title in downtown St J’s Boxcar & Caboose bookstore and café, 394 Railroad Street, Saturday afternoon, February 12, 2011, beginning at 2 PM.  Because of the nature of the book and its author, this event should be quite a departure from the conventional author appearance.

          Graves has variously described his 2009 publication as “ an opera without music”, “a philosophical comic-epic”, and “a visionary prose work”.  In more prosaic terms, it’s the story of a group of eight friends in the Northeast US and the Canadian Maritimes over fourteen months in the early Twenty-First century.  They experience love, loss, politics, wild nature, the arts and the many miracles great and small which surround everyday life.

         As a sometime music critic, broadcaster, and performer, Graves has drawn on long experience to present many aspects of music, particularly opera, traditional, and pop-song.  There are many pieces cited, and Graves finds it most engaging to liven-up the old-fashioned author-event by singing them when they appear amidst his colourful prose.  Depending on mood, these may be cool jazz, Mozart, or Irish folk.

         The book has been de facto banned in several area libraries, but the author assures all concerned that no one need fear offense at this event.  He invites readers of all ages and tastes to come and take a little excursion to his particular world, and promises that no one will be bored.  Copies of the book will be available for purchase and autographing.

         Goddard Graves is a retired man-of-all-work, having done everything from pour molten steel to translate the poetry of a Pope.  He spends much of his time on a mountain-side in Washington County .